Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9 years!

We celebrated 9 years of marriage this month. I can't believe how time flies! Such happy times - and many more to come. I love you babe!! Feel so blessed to be your wifey!

Trevs turned 1?! How did that happen??

Trevor had a Mickey Mouse birthday to celebrate the big #1. It was lots of fun and he seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly. He just kept looking around at everyone like "what is everyone doing here, and why are they all staring at me?" He is such a chill little guy - we are grateful that he was born!
Here's me and my little Trevor sporting his Mickey ears handmade by mommy. His cake turned out fun and was definitely easier than Carter's!

Here he is continuing the Hardman tradition of taking a bite out of your birthday cake. He was slow to get started in devouring his personal cake - but he didn't let us down..........

This has to be my favorite shot of the night. Gosh I love first birthdays! There is just nothing more enjoyable than seeing a little kid COVERED in cake. He has officially assumed his fat dog position here...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For your viewing pleasure....

My cute boys

So I just wanted to post some recent pics of my boys - they are just so dang cute I had to share!
Check out those dimples!

Cute little shot of them in my parent's yard.

Happy 3rd Birthday Carter!

Ok, so I was really excited about how the cake turned out - I basically made it all by myself - with a little help and advice from Grandma Hardman. Dave made the headboard out of rice crispy treats and chocolate and we made the little blocks out of rice crispy treats and white chocolate. Carter LOVED it! He was so excited when I brought it in for him to see. It made all the hours of work worth it! "It's My Toy Story Cake!" he said.

Here is the birthday boy about to blow out his candles. For the last month every day, several times a day he has been saying, "Mom, I wanna be three." Well the day finally arrived and it was a fun day. Carter had been sick all week - poor thing - but even though he wasn't feeling the greatest he still had a good time.

Present time - he got so many fun things from all his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins - thanks everyone for making the day so fun for him.

Here is a cute shot of my sweet moms. Don't know what I'd do without them. They help me keep my sanity and are always there when I need them. Love you both to pieces! My kids are the luckiest in the world. I wish every child had grandmas like you!

It was a fun day - but I was literally exhausted when it was all said and done! It took me a few days to recuperate! I love to plan my kids' birthdays - I just get so excited. I am already thinking about Trevs! It'll be here before I know it!

More Party Pics

If you're gonna have a party, you gotta get a pinata - we found this ginormous cowboy boot and the kids had fun whacking it. Dave thought it was only appropriate that we put some rubber snakes ('There's a snake in my boot") in there along with sheriff badges, little green army men, candy and such. The kids also had fun trying to pin the badges on Woody and Buzz

Me and my favorite friend Randi with our little guys. She and I both have boys 4 weeks apart - both ages. Love her to death.
The kids had some good time in the bouncy house. Thanks grandpa and grandma Hardman! Best Christmas present ever!! This thing has helped me keep my sanity - especially on snowy or rainy days.

We had to have Pizza Planet of course. Thanks Aunt Beccah for your amazing painting skills. You are a genius my dear!